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Molding & Fitting FAQs:

Q: Can I reheat a mouth guard it if was under heated the first time it was molded?
A: Yes, a mouth guard can be reheated several times. When it has been under heated, just a add a couple of seconds to the heating time. Depending upon your altitude above sea level and the size and type of metal that the pan is made of that is being used to boil the water, you may have to experiment a few times to get a good mold. But usually an under heating problem is due more to allowing the mouth guard to cool down too much before inserting it on your teeth.

Q: Do I need to use a slotted spoon to retrieve the mouth guard from the hot water? I only have a spoon without any slots in it so water will stay on the spoon.
A: What is more important is making sure the spoon is large enough to easily scoop the mouth guard out of the water so you will not have to fumble around with removing it. As long as the spoon is cooled in ice water then not having slots in the spoon will not create a problem.

Q: My fingers started sticking to the mouth guard right after I removed it from the hot water. Is there a way to prevent that from happening?
A: If your fingers are dry then they could possibly stick to the mouth guard when it is really soft. To prevent that from happening, dip your fingers in the ice water for a few seconds before retrieving the mouth guard from the hot water. Then when you take the mouth guard off of the spoon with your fingers they will not stick to the mouth guard.